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New Manitoba V8 and Beta for Lac du Bonnet

Nearly 20 years of bouldering history only 90 minutes north of Winnipeg

Manitoba has more rock climbing than many climbers know about, including some excellent granite bouldering. Lac du Bonnet is 115 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg and sits on the west shore of the Winnipeg River and at the western edge of the Canadian Shield. Some of the first problems developed were back in 2002 by Eric Ott and Justin Jones.

In 2020, a number of new problems have been climbed by Tatiana Martins, Destiny Odway, Brett Harvey, Dylan Pereira and others. Pereira added the hardest route in the area so far with his first ascent of O Lobo (The Wolf). There’s also a V7 called Chuckman Forever. You can follow the action on Sendage here.

This spot is perfect for the weekends when Winnipeg climbers you can’t make it to areas farther east in Ontario. “You can head out there at 10 am and still be home that night at a decent time,” says the new online guide here. “Here you will start to see the flat landscapes of the prairies transition into rolling hills that are covered with forests, lakes and rocks.” The area surrounding Lac du Bonnet is the closest bouldering destination to Winnipeg with over 70 problems and an abundance of undeveloped lines.

From the Guide

Development: We welcome everybody to explore and develop this area, as long as the ethics are respected. There are a few caveats that need to be mentioned. If you do put up a new line, reach out to the email below with a description, location, the date of the first ascent, climbers name, if possible a photo and a description of where it is in the area or geocoordinates. If it’s a completely new area provide the google coordinates, a description of the area, and a description of the approach. We will add it to the guide along with the climber’s name. Which means you are officially a part of Manitoba climbing history. Contact Email: ldbbouldering (at) gmail.com