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New Petit Dru Speed Solo Record by Dani Arnold

He climbed The Allain/Leininger in one-hour and 43 minutes

Dani Arnold made a solo ascent of the north face of the Petit Dru (3,733 m) in Chamonix on Aug. 15 in a new record time. He climbed The Allain/Leininger, a 900-metre TD+, in one-hour and 43 minutes. It was the last of the six great north faces that he had to solo.

In 2011, he soloed the north face of the Eiger in two hours and 28 minutes, and in 2015 he soloed the Cervino in one-hour and 46 minutes, and in 2016 he soloed the Pizzo Badile in 52 minutes, and in 2018 he soloed the Grandes Jorasses in two hours and four minutes, and in 2019 he soloed the Cima Grande in 46 minutes.

On Arnold’s speed solo, a helicopter flew above to film the ascent. “It was only a few days ago that I realized that at the time I made the fastest ascent on each of the six major north faces of the Alps, which also makes me a little proud,” he said. “More than 10 years ago, this chapter began with the Eiger North Face and has now ended with the Petit Dru. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful conclusion.” Arnold first climbed The Allain/Leininger last year in over 14 hours.

In 1982, Christophe Profit soloed the Directe Américaine on Petit Dru in three hours and 10 minutes. Watch a short film of the climb here.

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