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New Speed Record for The Nose by Gobright and Reynolds

Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds have set a new speed record for climbing The Nose on El Capitan.

Their posted time is a staggering two hours, nineteen minutes and 44 seconds (2:19:44), which shaved four minutes off the previous record.

The Nose

The first recorded “speed” ascent of The Nose was in 1975 by Jim Bridwell, John Long and Billy Westbay when they blew the climbing world away with their 17-hour and 45-minute ascent.

It took nine years for Duncan Critchley and Romain Vogler to record a time of nine hours and 30 minutes, but the time was an approximate.

Two years later, Peter Croft and John Bachar climbed it in a confirmed 10 hours and five minutes.

Speed climbing The Nose became the obsession of Hans Flourine, who posted no less than eight speed records for The Nose over 20 years.

Flourine and Alex Honnold held the previous record from 2012 at two hours, twenty three minutes and 46 seconds (2:23:24).

Speed climbing The Nose, and speed climbing in general, has been criticized by climbers over the years. Many say it’s a dangerous style and shouldn’t be promoted, much like soloing.

The previous record lasted over five years, we will see how long Reynolds and Gobright’s will stay on top.

42 Years of The Nose Records
2017-10-21: Jim Reynolds, Brad Gobright in 2:19:44
2012-6-17: Hans Florine, Alex Honnold in 2:23:46
2017-10-10: Jim Reynolds, Brad Gobright in 2:34:30
2010-11-6: Dean Potter, Sean Leary in 2:36:45
2008-10-12: Hans Florine, Yuji Hirayama in 2:37:05
2008-7-2: Hans Florine, Yuji Hirayama in 2:43:33
2007-10-8: Alexander and Thomas Huber in 2:45:45
2007-10-4: Alexander and Thomas Huber in 2:48:30
2002-9-29: Hans Florine, Yuji Hirayama in 2:48:55
2001-11: Dean Potter, Timmy O’Neill in 3:24:20
2001-10: Hans Florine, Jim Herson in 3:57:27
2001-10: Dean Potter, Timmy O’Neill in 3:59:35
1992: Hans Florine, Peter Croft in 4:22
1991:Peter Croft, Dave Schultz in 4:48
1991: Hans Florine, Andres Puhvel in 6:01
1990: Peter Croft, Dave Schultz in 6:40
1990: Hans Florine, Steve Schneider in 8:06
1986: John Bachar, Peter Croft in 10:05
1984: Duncan Critchley, Romain Vogler in 09:30 (approximate)
1975: Jim Bridwell, John Long, Billy Westbay in 17:45

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