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Night of Lies 2019 Will be Awesome

A great event with stories and heckling

Night of Lies (NOL) is an annual grassroots event celebrating the art of rowdy story telling by anyone about anything.

The NOL is heading into 2019 with a track record of being one of the most popular events in Canadian climbing. While no one knows who will be presenting, the Alpine Club of Canada promises a stacked lineup. T

I have had the opportunity to present at many events over the past 15 years, and like those events, I’m sure this year will bring the hecklers and banter, but that’s what the evening is all about. It’s a chance to have fun, tell some out-there stories and hear how everyone feels about it. The event takes place next week.

Post-2019 NOL Summary

It was an amazing evening with great presenters. I had the chance to tell a number of lies and have the audience boo at which was the biggest.

Barry Blanchard won the evening with a great talk and Will Gadd entertained as usual. There was a great talk about climbing in the Himalayas, one on photography and one on ice climbing.

I think that the NOL has traditionally been an anything-goes event where the audience gets to heckle however they want. It’s clear that with the Alpine Club of Canada taking over, that not everyone was aware of the NOL’s history or low standards.

I think the event should evolve to having no heckling, similar to The Bow Valley Mountain Club which I started two years ago. That way, nobody is caught off guard and everyone gets to run through their presentations without being interrupted.

I then visited Jasper and spoke at the Jasper NOL hosted by Rockaboo Mountain Adventures. A great evening with a great lineup of talks with some outstanding stories. Looking forward to 2020 and any positive changes that are made to the how the event is run.