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Now Maddy Cope Sends Pinzip Hoffnung 5.14R

Maddy Cope became the third climber to send Prinzip Hoffnung 5.14R in Austria in the past few weeks and the third woman overall. Ski champ Nadine Wallner recently climbed the spicy trad line, as did Michi Wohlleben. The first woman to climb the bold slab was Babsi Zangerl, who posted on line after Cope’s send, “Another strong girl sent Prinzip Hoffnung today. Girls are on fire these days. Hats off Maddy Cop for this fast send!! Very impressive.”

Cope has a number of hard climbs to her name over the years, including Mind Contral 5.14c in Spain, Once Upon a Time E9 6c in U.K., The American Direct on the Dru, Freerider 5.13a on El Cap and Midnight Lightening V8 in Yosemite.

“The route is a dream line, one that you see pictures of your climbing hero’s on but never think you will actually do it yourself,” said Cope. “Great insecure moves with a safe but long fall. Coming from Oliana it was a nice change of angle.” Watch a whipper below.

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