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Ontario Climbing Guidebook Volume Two: Northern Escarpment

Gus Alexandropoulos and Justin Dwyer have put the finishing touches on their second volume of the Ontario Climbing Guidebook. On OntarioClimbing.com, Alexandropoulos wrote, “Splitting the guidebooks into two volumes came with all kinds of little wins that go beyond just achieving an earlier completion date. With the single comprehensive book, we were constantly worried about the book’s overall size. During the layout process, we were always trying to find ways to minimize the page count.

Ontario Climbing Volume 2

“After all, no one is psyched to carry a 400-page book for a half-day of cragging. But by splitting the book, we were also able to give the layout some breathing room. Or to reference the classic Step Brothers scene, some “activity space.” That space has transformed the book into something larger than just a phone book of routes.

“The quotes, stories, little jokes, climber bios, old photos, charming diagrams all help create a richer experience. It’s a way for climbers to connect with the area’s history and culture.” Read more about the new much-needed guidebook for climbing around Canada’s most populated area here. Read an interview with Alexandropoulos here. Be sure to follow and support the Ontario Access Coalition.