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Over 100K Raised for Rescue of Missing American Alpinists in Pakistan

An outpouring of support for two Salt Lake City climbers who are missing during a climbing expedition in northern Pakistan has resulted in friends establishing a fund where others may contribute to the international search-and-rescue effort to locate the two men. The fund has raised its goal of $100,000 with donations continuing. Visit here to donate to the ongoing efforts.

Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson
Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson

Early on Sunday, August 21, Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson started up the North Face of the Ogre 2, just off the Choktoi Glacier in northern Pakistan, intending five days for a climb and descent. On Tuesday, a storm moved in. Snowfall and cloudy conditions have persisted since. For all other inquires or comments, please contact Jonathan Thesenga at Jonathan.Thesenga@bdel.com.

The families of Dempster and Adamson both request that they not be contacted so that they may focus their attention on the search-and-rescue efforts. On Monday evening, Dempster and Adamson’s Pakistani cook, Ghafoor Abdul, spotted their headlamps roughly halfway up the peak. The men have not been seen since Monday, August 22, no surprise given the complexity and scale of the terrain and the vagaries of the weather. On Sunday, August 28, family and friends initiated a search and rescue effort, assisted by local authorities and another climbing team on the Choktoi. The persistent storm is hampering rescue efforts via helicopter, though search and rescue teams also have been deployed on foot. Presently, the family and close friends are working with the American Alpine Club, senior American alpinists in the region and countless local and international resources.