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Power Screams and Small Pockets on Café Solo, New 5.15b

Jorge Diaz-Rullo makes the first ascent of an overhanging line in Spain

At the start of November, Jorge Diaz-Rullo established Café Solo at 5.15b. It’s considered the easier variation to his mega project called Café Colombia at Margalef, Spain.

Diaz-Rullo, 22, recently made the third ascent of Samfaina 5.14d/15a in Margalef. Chris Sharma made the first ascent and it was repeated by Ramon Julian Puigblanque, with both saying it’s 5.14d. Diz-Rullo, who’s climbed many other 5.14ds in the sector said it felt harder, but that it was his anti-style.

Watch Diaz-Rullo quickly cover a lot of ground as he links small pockets up the steep Café Solo below.

5.15b FA