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Price Tag to Climb Everest Goes Up

Nepal’s department of tourism will be increasing the cost per permit starting within the next two years

There are a lot of costs that go into climbing the world’s highest mountain, from gear and guides to permits and travel. Nepal has announced that they’re planning on increasing the cost per permit from $11,00 USD to $15,000 USD by 2025 – a 36 per cent jump.

There are other costs on top of the permit just to acquire it, such as the $2,500 to hire a local company to organise the permit, the $4,000 (refundable) trash permit, the $2,500 for a local Nepalese team to organise your permit, and $3,000 per team for a group liaison officer. So, all in a permit will cost between $25,000 and $30,000 with the new prices.

Permit prices in Nepal are set by Nepal’s department of tourism, whereas in China the prices are set by the China Tibet Mountaineering Association – who’ve not announced their 2024 permit fees yet. The cost of climbing from the north, China’s Tibet side, were around $15,000 USD in 2019, and it’s expected they’ll go up a few thousand for 2024.

Long story short, it’s getting more expensive to climb Everest. Learn more about the recent changes in a blog by Everest expert Alan Arnette here.