Quebecers Free Freerider and Other Yosemite News

Lynn Hill and Nina Caprez will be heading up The Nose this week

October 21st, 2019 by | Posted in News, Profiles |

It’s been a busy fall in Yosemite with some of the world’s best climbers back on the valley’s big walls, like El Capitan and Half Dome.

Quebec climbers Jeff Beaulieu and Daniel Morin have reached the top of Freerider after nearly two weeks of effort. They freed the nearly 1,000-metre route via the Teflon Corner 5.12d. “And there goes Freerider all free via the Teflon Corner,” said Morin. “Twelve days of combat, smiling all the way up. This time I didn’t suffer on El Capitan, I enjoyed every single one of the 33 pitches.”

Top climber Chris Weidner was also climbing El Capitan at the time at ran into Beaulieu and Morin on the wall and on the summit.

Also on El Capitan, Nina Caprez and Lynn Hill are back on The Nose. Caprez attempted to free The Nose 5.14 last year and freed everything but a few feet in the Changing Corners.

Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold and Kevin Jorgeson are working on a new free route near the Dawn Wall. Ontario climber Pete Zabrok ran into them a number of times on his way up The Reticent, which was his 57th El Cap route.

“Well, we made it,” said Steve Bosque after climbing a new route with Kevin Deweese and Tyler Poston. “A big wall first ascent in the Ribbon Falls Amphitheater in Yosemite. We’re calling it Resist! V 5.7 A2+.”

Emily Harrington has been projecting another El Cap route with her partner Adrian Ballinger. There are at least a dozen teams from around the world working on El Cap routes this week. Follow the El Cap Report by Tom Evans for daily updates here.