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Sachi Amma Sends Japan’s First 5.15b with Soul Mate

Sachi Amma on Soul Mate

Last week, Sachi Amma sent Soul Mate and has claimed the steep new line is 5.15b.

The hard line is at Gozen Rock in Japan and is now the most difficult sport route in the country.

Amma, 29, bolted his “ERProject” last December after sending Maturity 5.15a .

“Every week, I kept coming at least one day to try and I Finally sent it on March 25,” said Amma.

“I decided to grade it easy 9b [5.15b]. It was really difficult to grade. Because the crux part is really bouldery and reachy. It is V14/8b+ for me. But it can be V13/8b or V15/8c by physique and ability.”

In 2015, Amma climbed Fight or Flight 5.15b in Spain and won the World Cup in 2014.

Amma redpointed his first 9b in 2015, Fight or flight at Siurana in Spain while throughout that year he sent 10 routes graded 9a or harder. In 2012 and 2013 he won the Lead Lead World Cup.

His new 5.15b is the latest in the growing list of a grade that was once thought nearly impossible.

Scroll through Amma’s photos of him on Soul Mate below.

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Full 5.15b List

C.R.S. 5.15b in Mollans, France
Delincuente Natural 5.15b in Rodellar, Spain
Eyes Are Bigger Than The Cave 5.15a/b in Russan, France
Fight Club 5.15b in Canmore, Canada
Fight or Flight 5.15b in Oliana, Spain
First Round First Minute 5.15b in Margalef, Spain
Golpe de Estado 5.15b in Siurana, Spain
Iron Curtain 5.15b in Flatanger, Norway
Jumbo Love 5.15b in Clark Mountain, USA
La Capella 5.15b in Siurana, Spain
La Planta de Shiva 5.15b in Villanueva de Rosario, Spain
Lapsus 5.15b in Andonno, Italy
Mamichula 5.15b in Oliana, Spain
Meiose 5.15b in Charmey, Switzerland
Move Hard 5.15b in Flatanger, Norway
Neanderthal 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain
One Slap 5.15b in Arco, Italy
Queen Line 5.15b in Arco, Italy
Rainman 5.15b in Malham Cove, United Kingdom
Rob in Ud 5.15b in Alternatívna stena, Slovakia
Soul Mate 5.15b in Gozen Rock, Japan
Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain
Alasha 5.15a/5.15b in Mallorca, Spain
Catxasa (R2) 5.15a/5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain
Es Pontas 5.15a/5.15b in Mallorca, Spain
Marina Superstar 5.15a/5.15b in Domusnovas, Italy
Supernova 5.15a/5.15b in Frankenjura, Germany
Torture Physique Integrale 5.15a/5.15b in Gastlosen, Switzerland
Vicious Circle 5.15a/5.15b in Mišja Peč, Slovenia