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Sara and Becca Frangos Talk Comps and School

Twin sisters Sara and Becca Frangos have been competing and climbing at a national level since they were young.

In this series called HERoic, the Frangos sisters talk about where life and climbing has taken them and what they’re focusing on in the near future.

In 2013, we talked to Sara and Becca and their coach Dung Nguyen about their climbing here.

Waking up this morning feeling inspired 💫 to continue to push myself and work towards my goals for 2019 and beyond. This weekend has been one to remember with @zach_richardson_ taking home gold for 🇨🇦 at Pan Ams along with amazing performances from American superstars @jbrosler and @sierrablaircoyl. On top of this, yesterday @freeyourmindandclimb sent her long term project ASDATO at Horne Lake becoming (I believe) the first Canadian woman to send 5.14c. 👑 I know from personal experience the dedication and passion so many of us put towards many aspects of life. Of course sometimes it doesn’t work out and can be frustrating as heck but all we can do is keep working hard to be able to seize the moment when it all comes together…and clearly that happened this weekend. 📸 Ken Chow . . . @rockymountainsoapco @pauwfoundation @lasportivana @flashedclimbing @movementfactoryholds @piseworld @peakkinetics #flashedpodium #climbfreeclimbfearlessly #poweredbypise #climbing #bouldering #klettern #escalade #strong #training #teamcanada #inspired

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Nguyen had this to say: “I can tell the twins have lots of ambition and determination; above all they have the discipline to reach their goals. Becca being shorter than her sister, her asset is her climbing intuition; this gives her the opportunity to qualify for the national team two years in a row.

“For Sara it was only matter of time. The twin’s secret is they are both hard workers and highly self motivated. Their success also comes from their parents dedication, generosity and commitment. Steve Frangos and Monika Helbig are role models as parents who support their children and organized sports. They will do anything they can to support girls where ever they are motivated. They even built a ‘shed’ climbing wall in their backyard so the girls can train in the morning before heading to school and again after their homework.”

Sara and Becca in HERoic