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Scotland Ice Trip

Sit back and enjoy this 25-minute film documenting climbing in Scotland. Nick Bullock recently said, “You can’t climb it if it’s not white, once the storm hits and it’s white, then you can go climb it.” If there’s one place on earth where climbers celebrate the arrival of the next snowstorm, it has to be Scotland. Each winter, pounded by the North Atlantic winds, the Scottish Highlands are plastered by a layer of snow and frost. Martial Dumas, Ueli Steck, Yann Mimet, Mathieu Maynadier, Aljaz Anderle and Erwan Lelann who are guided by local Andy Turner show us a world of hard core ethics and cold winter climbing.

[vimeo height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”C]http://vimeo.com/10234944[/vimeo]