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Seb Bouin Climbs New 5.15b in France

He named the route Ariégeois Cœur Loyal in honour of his grandfather

Ariégeois Cœur Loyal is the newest 5.15b in France thanks to the efforts of by Seb Bouin, who made the first ascent this week. He said that he bolted the route a few years ago after his grandfather passed away and has named it in his honour.

The new 5.15b is a 20-metre extension to a route called Legend 5.14d, which Bouin opened in 2017 after it sat as a project for more than two decades. According to 8a.nu, Bouin has climbed seven routes graded 5.15b to 5.15d, with five being first ascents.

Bouin had an impressive 2022 with a repeat of Change 5.15c, and the first ascents of DNA 5.15d, Nordic Marathon 5.15b/c and Suprême Jumbo Love 5.15c.

Before 2022, Bouin had made first ascents of several hard routes, many of which are yet to be repeated, including La Rage d’Adam 5.15b/c, Beyond 5.15b/c and La Cote d’Usure 5.15a. In 2019, he repeated Move 5.15b/c, first climbed by Adam Ondra.