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Speedy Sends of Six Classic Dolomite Routes in a Day

Simon Gietl and Nicolas Hojac made quick work of some tall Italian climbs

Simon Gietl and Nicolas Hojac recently linked six classic Dolomite routes in an 18-hour push. The routes are all found on Tre Cime di Lavaredo on the border of South Tyrol and Belluno in Italy. The group of peaks include Cima Grande at an elevation of 2,999 metres, Cima Piccola at 2,857 metres and Cima Ovest, at 2,973 metres.

In August, Gietl and Hojac linked Via Cassin (climbed in one-hour and 20 minutes), Spigolo Demuth (climbed in one-hour and 45 minutes), Via Comici (climbed in three hours 10 minutes), Spigolo Dibona (climbed in two hours), Spigollo Giallo (climbed in one-hour and 20 minutes), and Innerkofler (climbed in one-hour and 30 minutes).

Gietl is known for his bold solos and new routes in the Dolomites, and led every pitch on the day out with Hojac. In 2018, he made the rope-solo FA of the 21-pitch Can You Hear Me on Cima Scotoni in the Dolomites. He returned in 2020 and made the FFA at UIAA 10 (F8a+/8b) with Andrea Oberbacher.