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Squamish Climbers Send V12 and More Bouldering News

Oriane Bertone has ticked another V14 with Super Tanker, watch below

As most of Canada deals with acccumulating snow and cold temperatures, the parts of the West Coast have been seeing mild conditions that has led to some hard sends. As we head into February, it’s not unusual for B.C. rock climbers to start seeing more and more nice weather days. Since the province hasn’t been on lockdown, there are no restrictions to travelling to rock climb.

In the Grand Wall Boulders, Squamish, Josh Duncan sent Stinger Low V10, Cole Barber sent One Zen V10, Tom Wright climbed Viaje al Fin del Mundo V10, and Vikki Weldon and Bonnie de Bruijn ticked The Weasel V8.

Also in Squamish, Josh Choi has sent Plutonia V10 at Lost World, Dylan Smith has climbed Invincible V10 at Porteau Cove and Alex King climbed White Lion Low at Brohm Lake. In the Apron Boulders, Graham McGrenere sent Frontside V12, which he said felt like the hardest of the grade in the area, and Evan Waugh sent The Method V12.

Internationally, Brooke Raboutou, who is qualified for the Olympics, recently sent Hungry Hungry Hippos V12 Red Rock. The 19-year-old has now climbed more than 20 V12 or harder problems. Local climber Katie Lamb also ticked the V12.

In Fontainebleau, Lucien Martinez has ticked The Big Island V1415. The famous problem was first climbed by Dave Graham as V15, but some repeat senders put it at V14. Philipp Gaßner, has sent his first V15 with Real Absurdistan, in Germany. Nico Januel made the first ascent of Le sens de la Fête V14 in France.

And 13-year-old Max Bertone made quick work of three V11s in Font, with Atomic Playboy, Les Beaux Quartiers and Big Golden. On the same trip, Bertone’s sister, Oriane, climbed Super Tanker V14. In 2020, Oriane climbed her first V15 with Satan I Helvete in Font.

Oriane Bertone on V14