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Tommy Caldwell Works on Book at Banff Centre

Tommy Caldwell received the Paul D. Fleck fellowship from The Banff Centre this year to complete his new book. With Kelly Cordes, author of The Tower, they worked for 16 hours a day for a few weeks after Caldwell spent a year on the writing project. The book’s release is planned for next year and we can expect a great deal will be about the Dawn Wall ascent on El Cap with Kevin Jorgeson. A film about their Dawn Wall is planned for around the same time.

Caldwell wrote the following for the Banff Centre: “My ambition to write a book was supposed to be a search for truth. And I wanted a good adventure. After 30 years of being little more than a mindless monkey I figured it was about time I diversified my life and used my brain. If there is one thing that sets climbing apart from other sports, it’s the way it creates a powerful narrative. I read countless stories, even started to formulate my own.

“To me it seemed ripe for a novel, starting with the way I entered the world: translucent skin, deflated lungs, three pounds. Then there was the whole hostage ordeal in the mountains of southwest Kyrgyzstan. Six surreal terrifying days of war and starvation. All leading to a single life-changing moment. I was looking into the eyes of the woman I loved, lit by the moon and wide with terror. That’s when I decided to take a life. That’s just the beginning.” Read the full story here. Another big chapter might be about Caldwell and Alex Honnold’s Fitz Traverse.

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