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Top Climber Said Trump “Is Going to Ruin Rock Climbing”

"If we are going to tackle climate, it has to be a global effort"

Top American climber Tommy Caldwell wrote an op-ed for Rock and Ice titled Tommy Caldwell: Trump is Going to Ruin Rock Climbing that details how if the current U.S. federal government remains in power, outdoor recreation will suffer.

Caldwell, along many other leading climbers and skiers in the U.S.A. have been using social media to encourage their followers to get out and vote. Canadian champion skier Mike Douglas noted that one of his recent Twitter posts inspired an American in a swing state to vote.

Pro skier Caroline Gleich reached out to her followers, and said: “We’ve gotta channel our anxiety, frustration, fear, and discomfort — all that the 2020 dumpster fire has put on us — so that we can win this thing. Don’t stand back and hope for the best. That’s not how we win elections. We win them by getting involved.”

A major focus of Caldwell’s op-ed is on climage change. “In November, I’ll be voting for Joe Biden for president and former Governor John Hickenlooper in the Senate race in Colorado,” Caldwell said.


“Biden has been a climate-forward politician before the term climate change was standard vernacular. As a senator from Delaware in 1986, he introduced one of the first climate bills in Congress. With Biden as president, the U.S. will aim to achieve 100 per cent clean energy by 2050. His environmental and climate justice plans will protect marginalized communities from harmful polluters. Biden will bring us together. If we are going to tackle climate, it has to be a global effort.”

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The Trump administration recently finalized plans to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development. This means that the government can now auction off leases to companies who want to drill on the Refuge’s Coastal Plain. Not only is the Coastal Plain sacred land to the Gwich’in Nation, it also encompasses 19.3 million acres of one of the last healthy Arctic ecosystems on earth—home to calving porcupine caribou and polar bear dens, where musk ox, grizzly bear, wolves and migrating birds from all 50 states live and thrive. But Trump also admitted that this may or may not happen. Could it be that they leaving an opening in case there is a big public outcry? The recent passage of the Great American Outdoors act and the cancelation of oil and gas leases around Moab have shown that the will of the people can make a difference, at least for now when there is an election looming. The majority of Americans want these places to remain protected. On the other side are the top 5 oil companies alone spending more that 200 million a year on lobbying. If we want to win this battle, we must make more noise than big oil. If we want to win the war, we must elect officials, and a president that understand renewables will win the race and destroying our last remaining wild and sacred places is not worth it. So, my ask is this. Make a solid plan to vote. Help your friends and family make a plan to vote. Spreads the word that social justice, wilderness and the environment are top voting priorities. And if you want to sign a petition go to the link in my bio. #vote #protectthearctic 📸 @austin_siadak

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Caldwell is known for many historic climbs, including the first free ascent of the 32-pitch Dawn Wall 5.14+ on El Capitan with Kevin Jorgeson, and The Nose speed record with Alex Honnold at 1:58:07

Honnold is no stranger to weighing in on political or environmental discussions and recently talked to Courtney Cardin with Power the Polls about how people can get out to vote. Watch below and read Caldwell’s op-ed here.