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Two Climbers Fall to Death on the Matterhorn

Little is know about the accident, but the climbers were found roped together

There have been a lot of accidents in the Alps this season with the latest being one that resulted in two fatalities. The identities of the climbers and the cause of the accident are unknown.

Search and rescue were notified after the climbers did not return from their objective. According to local authorities, the two fell for around 400 meters. They were well equipped and roped together. Based on the point where they were found, rescuers hypothesize that the accident may have occurred from the Colle del Leone area at 3,581 metres.

While it’s unknown what occurred, similar fatal accidents have happed because one climber falls and pulls the other climber off, or they could have been hit by rockfall. Their bodies were recovered this morning by the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue and transported to Cervinia.