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Ueli Steck and Michael Wohlleben are Climbing #82SUMMITS

There are 82 mountains in the Alps that are 4,000 metres or higher and Michael Wohlleben and Ueli Steck hope to climb them all in 80 days.

The Swiss and German alpinists will be self-propelled and have already climbed the most easterly summit, Piz Bernina 4,049 metres, in Switzerland and paraglided back to the valley. Next is the Bernese Oberland where they hope to climbed the next nine mountains.

In 2014, the duo  the three North Face routes on Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites, the first winter link-up of all three walls, in only 16 hours. Read the story here.

Follow along on their journey on their Facebook page here.

This idea of climbing all 82 summits in a single push is not new and has been done. There were a number of attempts to come up with a definitive list in the 1980s, but no one would agree.

In 1993, the Italian Alpine Club came up with an “official” list of 82. Simon Jenkins and Martin Moran, before the list of 82 was decided on, had climbed 74 summit in 52 days under their own steam.

In the winter 0f 2004, Patrick Berhault and Philippe Magnon made an attempt to complete all 82 peaks. But, Berhault fell and died after the completed 65.

Mont Blanc du Tacul is 4,248 metres and is the 24th highest peak on the list of 82.  Photo Brandon Pullan
On the left is Mont Blanc du Tacul, which is 4,248 metres and is the 24th highest peak on the list of 82. On the right is the highest route on the list, Mont Blanc, at  4,810. Photo Gripped editor, Brandon Pullan

In 2006, Nicolini and Michele Compagnoni completed 25 before being stopped by poor weather.

In December 2006, Miha Valic, climbed the 82 summits in 102 days, but drove around in a van and selected peaks based on weather.

In 2008, Giovannini (who has climbed Lyotse without supplemental O2) and Nicolini (who once climbed 15 walls in the Brenta in 13 hours), both Italian guides, used no mechanized transport and completed the climb of all 82 peaks in only 60 days.

The 82 peaks are, from highest to lowest: Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc de Courmayeur, Dufourspitze, Nordend, Zumsteinspitze, Signalkuppe, Dom, Liskamm, Weisshorn, Taschhorn, Liskamm, Matterhorn, Picco Luigi Amedeo, Maudit, Parrotspitze, Dent Blanche, Ludwigshohe, Nadelhorn, Schwarzhorn, Grand Combin, Dome du Gouter, Lenzspitze, Finsteraarhorn, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Grand Pillier d’Angle, Stecknadelhorn, Castor, Zinalrothorn, Hohberghorn, Vincent Pyramid, Grand Jorasses, Alphubel, Rimpfischhorn, Aletschhorn, Strahlhorn, Grand Combin (Valsorey), Grand Jorasses (Point Whymper), Dent d’Herens, Breithorn (west summit), Breithorn, Jungfrau, Bishorn, Breithorn (Zwillinge West), Grand Combin (Tessette), Aiguille Verte, Auguilles du Diable (L’Isolee), Auguille Blanche de Peuterey, Grandes Jorasses (Pointe Croz) Auguilles de Diable (Pointe Carmen), Monch, Breithorn (Zwillinge East) Grande Rocheuses, Barre des Ecrins, Aiguilles du Diable (Pointe Mediane), Pollux, Schreckhorn, Breithorn (Roccia Nera), Aiguilles du Diable (Pointe Chaubert), Mont Brouillard, Grand Jorasses (Point Marguerite), Aiguilles du Diable (Corne du Diable), Ober Gabelhorn, Gran Pardiso, Aiguille de Bionnassay, Piz Bernina, Gross Fiescherhorn, Vincent Pyramid (Punta Giordani), Grand Jorasses (Pointe Elena), Grunhorn, Lauteraarhorn, Aiguille du Jardin, Durrenhorn, Allalinhorn, Hinter Fiescherhorn, Weissmies, Dome de Rochefort, Barre des Ecrins (Dome de Neige), Dent du Geant, Punta Baretti, Lagginhorn, Aiguille de Rochefort and Les Droites.

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @82SUMMITS and #82SUMMITS.

Michael Wohlleben and Ueli Steck on the summit ridge of Piz Bernina. Photo 82SUMMITS Facebook page

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