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Watch Adam Ondra Send New 5.15b Mamichula in Spain

Adam Ondra has continued his 5.15 send-train with the first ascent of Mamichula 5.15b, an old Chris Sharma project. The steep line is at Oliana, where a number of hard projects still remain. Ondra wrote on Instagram after, “Craaazy day! It was so windy that I thought it would be impossible to climb. Then it got a little more still, but even sitting on the ledge right before the fight, you can see the quickdraws moving.

In the end, I took down this project of Chris Sharma. I think Mamichula 9b (hard) could be a good name. Incredible power endurance without any rest.” Other hard routes in Oliana include Joe Mama 5.15a, Papichulo 5.15a, Pachamama 5.15a and La Dura Dura 5.15c.

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