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Watch Hukkataival Send Singularity V14 in Squamish

Nalle Hukkataival made the first repeat of Tim Clifford’s Singularity V14 in Squamish in the fall.

Tim Clifford put up the problem in May 2007 and it kept many V15 climbers from sending. The grade was never confirmed at V14 and many thought it was harder.

“Singularity!!! Inspiring vision and persistence from Tim Clifford who opened the boulder over ten years ago without a repetition until yesterday! What an amazing boulder!” said Hukkataival.

“So straight-forward looking, yet so intricate. Climbing something you’ve been hearing about for years always make it more special. Starting on the rail a bit lower seemed like the more obvious start to the boulder to me.

“Really extra tough to comment on the difficulty. The fact that it’s fended off the efforts of a list of V15 climbers for over a decade must mean something.

“Does that suggest V15? Or make it a V14 that’s just really hard to do? Is there a difference between those two?”

There is no confirmed grade for what might be Canada’s hardest climb, but there is still many who believe it is V15.

Click below to watch.