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Yosemite Closed Due to Snow Storm

Late winter blizzards are dumping snow across the west, from Yosemite to Squamish

Yosemite National Park is officially closed due to severe winter storm conditions until March 1. The National Park Service announced the closure on Saturday, saying only administrative traffic will be allowed through the El Portal Road entrance.

All roads into the park are closed, including Wawona Road, Big Oak Flat Road , Yosemite Valley Roads, Hetch Hetchy Road, Tioga Road, Badger Pass Road, and Mariposa Grove Road. The storm is moving east into the mountains and causing whiteouts across Yosemite.

The average snow depth across the park is already was already above three metres. You can even watch a live video of Upper Yosemite Falls here, one of the world’s tallest waterfalls. The last time there was this much snow in February was in 2019.

Snow storms are hitting many popular spring rock climbing areas, including Squamish, Skaha and Moab. Last week, a huge rockfall took place in Yosemite. Read more about about it here.