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Yuji Hirayama Visits Yosemite

Yuji Hirayama is one of Japan’s most well-known climbers. He recently took a trip to his old stomping ground in California, he hadn’t been to Yosemite for over five years.

“It was very short trip to Yosemite,” Hirayama said on his Facebook page. “But great to remember my past experiences there. Glad I climbed Stick It V11, my hardest boulder ever in Yosemite. I always looked at the bigger walls in Yosemite, but I realized there are a lot’s of boulder in the valley.”

Hirayama’s last trip to Yosmemite was in 2008 when he set the speed record on The Nose with Hans Flourine of 2:37:05. Their record has since been broken.

Hirayama was in Yosemite on work trip with The North Face.

Watch Hirayama’s recent trip to Yosemite: