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11-year-old Cedar Pidgeon sends The Kind Traverse V11

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Pidgeon family. Last week, 11-year-old Cedar Pidgeon made history as the youngest Canadian to climb V11.

Cedar’s mom is Thomasina, one of Canada’s most accomplished boulderers. She was the first Canadian woman and one of the first women in North America to send V12.

The mother-daughter duo were visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and working The Kind Traverse together. Cedar sent the problem before her mom.

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Our trip to Colorado is winding up…?⚡️? It’s been good to see old friends, and get a taste of the many areas and types of rock this place offers. Definitely gotta come back with more time to adjust to the altitude and hiking which makes Colorado one of the harder places to climb! Though that may influence us, it ain’t stopping us. Extra proud of Cedar for managing the numerous hikes while carrying her own crash pad and gear with little to no complaints. On top of that, she sent her hardest problem yet, the Kind Traverse, (v11!)which I am sure will be the first of many. The first move is long, providing a hard first crux for her but she stayed positive which got her through to the end. Way to keep it together Cedar!! I could learn a few things from her. Yesterday, I fell at the end of that problem, going to the final jug which seems to be my ‘go to’ this trip… Oh well-! The joys of youth fun energy… One more day left for my efforts then sadly, the drive north commences. Thanks to Cletus for coming out with us that day and to Melissa and the restaurant, ‘Bird and Jim’ for the amazing after climbing supper/ gathering. ? love you guys. @johnycwalker @birdandjim @melissaistrong @metoliusclimbing . . . #climbyourage #nextgeneration #getoutside #bouldering #kidcrusher #waytooutclimbmom #kidclimber #v11 #likemom #cedarmomma #thekindtraverse #emerald #rmnp #firstofmany #rmnpbouldering #takayapower #climbing #climboutside #proudmomma #hikingkills #pushyourlimits

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When asked about her experience on the boulder, she said: “I really enjoyed the Kind Traverse. I thought that it was very cool and that it was a super fun, enjoyable and interesting climb.

“At the beginning of the climb there was a long reach that I struggled on but I made it through and got to the end. When I got to the top I was just really happy and excited.”

It is an impressive achievement and it surely won’t be the last for this determined, talented, young climber.

*Update: after falling off near the top four times, Thomasina posted on Instagram today that she, too, finished the problem.

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Yes…!!! The curse of falling at the end of hard problems has been lifted! Since the last two year process of getting over a shoulder injury, much doubt creeped in on whether I could climb hard again. Despite having previously climbed numerous v11’s and 12’s, in the last few years, my confidence took a big hit for a variety of reasons. The strength and confidence needed to climb hard was taking much longer to get back than I expected. I also realized, (especially on this trip) that my body needed more rest than I was giving it- (which could very well be an aging thing!!!??) And for something I’ve never mentioned, I lost valuable sponsors, which in a way, conjured a lack of faith. The voices in my head told me more often than not that I couldn’t, and wouldn’t. Recently, I chatted about this with a long time friend of mine, James. His solution was simple. “Maybe instead of stopping doubting yourself you can tell yourself you're rad. it's hard to stop doing something, it's easier to do something. So just switch your behaviour. You are rad tomo!” Yesterday, when I got to the problem that I had fallen off at the end of 4 times already, I was determined as ever. I took James’s advice and told myself strange things. I also took Justen’s advice, and when I got to the end, despite not having the final crux hold quite ‘perfect’ enough, I thought, screw this- I am not falling. Without hesitation, I aggressively pulled the last hard move, my feet cut and unbelievably – I held on… Conquered. Relieved. Thankful. Now, Cedar isn’t the only Pidgeon to have climbed the Kind Traverse(v11)… ? Thank you @james_lucas, @justensjong and @metoliusclimbing #nevergiveup #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger

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