Alex Honnold Free-Solos Yosemite’s Heaven 5.13

Watch the top climber go rope-less on this hard classic Yosemite crack

January 20th, 2019 by | Posted in Profiles, Video |

Alex Honnold solos Yosemite’s Heaven 5.12d/13a. The route was first climbed by Ron Kauk in the 90s and soloed in 2005 by Dean Potter. The climb starts 800 metres above the valley floor. Honnold first soloed it in 2011 on a day when he linked Heaven with Cosmic Debris.

Honnold said about his 2011 onsite solo of Heaven, “I had never considered this style [onsite solo] before, but on our way to drive up there I thought about it and I got a little psyched. It’s one of those things that once the idea occurs it’s hard to shake. As soon as I thought ‘I should just flash it’ I felt compelled.”

Heaven Solo