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Canada’s Hardest Bouldering Problems

Canadian bouldering has exploded this year. New V13s have been established all over the country.

Photo by: Andy White

As bouldering development progresses across the country, boulderers have begun to wonder where Canada’s first V15 might reside. Although Squamish seems like the most obvious answer, Quebec has developed with several of Yves Gravelle’s first ascents. One of the biggest bouldering sends of the year was by Lucas Uchida with the fourth ascent of The Singularity V14 in Squamish.


Niagara Glen: Rite of Passage Low V13/14, Vilified V13, Phoenix from the Ashes V13
Calabogie: The Vale of Shadows V13, The Ultimate Chad V13, Carnage V14
Gold Mine: Vorpal Blade SDS V13


Morin-Heights: Finnish Stylz V13, Stigmata V13, The Widowmaker V13
Kanata-Tremblant: Miall’s Ahead V14, Thessalhydra V14, Snarky Puppy V14, Zatoichi V13
Gatineau: The Heartbreaker V13


Squamish: The Singularity V14, The Reckoning V14, North North Ridge V14, Zazen V13 (broken now considered possible V14), I Shot the Sheriff V13, Shelter V13, Vice Pinch Low V13, The Deep End V13, Velcro Low V13, Frodo’s Quest V13, Nightmare V13, Big Dragon V13, Hypertension Extension V13, The Proposal Plan V13, The Terminator V13

Vancouver Island: Uncut Gems Sit V13, Shadow Realm V13, The Contortionist’s Perspective V13, Therapy at Large Sit V13
Okanagan Valley: No More Mr Gneiss Guy V14, Where’s Wildo? V14, Men at Arms V14, Slipperier When Wet V14, , Asclepius V13, Slippery When Wet V13, The Deficit V13, Old Man Power V13, Boats ‘n Toes V13, Livin’ on the Edge V13, Wiggle Direct V13, The Booch V13, Detour Direct V13


The Gateway: The Proving Ground V13
Frank Slide: Space Invaders V13

Nova Scotia

Hospital Hill: Physical Graffiti V14, Kodiak V13/14, Full Clip Sit V13
Terrance Bay: Gun Control V13, Splinter V13
Chebucto Head: Requiem V13

Each of these areas, and likely several others we have not mentioned, feature projects ranging into high difficulties. Kanata-Tremblant offers the potential of extremely difficult boulder problems while, B.C.’s almost endless boulderfields provide a place for Canada’s elite to cut their teeth.

Lead photo: Andy White