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Climbers Can Use These For Coronavirus Face Masks

These are not medical grade, but many countries are suggesting that any face mask is better than nothing

The coronavirus outbreak has created a historic demand for face masks, as millions of masks are needed to protect healthcare professionals who treat patients. Every country seems to have different approaches to how their citizens should help fight the spread of the virus.

Everyone should be staying close to home and social distancing. Some countries are recommending that people wear face masks when in public, which has led to a rise in the number of people making masks from fabric or clothes they have around the house.

Below are a number of videos that demonstrate how to make face masks at home. If you ski or climb, then you might have these around that you can use: a Buff, a balaclava, scarf or bandanna. Heed the advice of you local medical professionals when it comes to face masks and stay close to home.

Make a Mask