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Laura Rogora Sends Pure Dreaming 5.14d in Arco

She's now climbed at least 10 routes graded 5.14+

Top climber Laura Rogora has sent Adam Ondra’s Pure Dreaming 5.14d in Arco, Italy, on her ninth attempt. She said the hardest move is after 20 metres of sustained 5.14 climbing and that the key is to climb fast. She has now climbed at least 10 routes that are graded 5.14c/d or 5.14d.

Rogora is one of the few climbers who’ve qualified for the Olympics in 2021. She became the second youngest climber ever to send 5.14d when she was 14. Last summer, she climbed her fifth of the grade with a tick of Esclatamasters in Perles. Also last year, she established a new 5.14d in Italy with Rèveille-toi, French for “Wake up.”

Rogora said, “I guess it’s time to dream bigger” after her send of the steep and powerful Pure Dreaming.

Rogora’s First Ascents

Tomorrowland extension 5.14c/5.14d, Cueva di Collepardo, November 2016
Supercrack 5.14c/5.14d, Cueva di Collepardo, December 2016
La Gasparata 5.14c/5.14d, Cueva di Collepardo, January 2017
Ercole 5.14c, Cueva di Collepardo, March 2017
It segid narg 5.14c, Grotta dell’Arenauta Sperlonga, December 2017
Sitting Bull 5.14c/5.14d, Cueva di Collepardo, April 2018
Rèveille-toi 5.14d, Cueva di Collepardo, June 2019


Rogora on Esclatamaster 5.14d