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Lianet Castillo is 14 and Sends 5.13c in Venezuela

Lianet Castillo has sent Chicho el Bárbaro and become the youngest Latin American to climb 5.13c.

“Few people can imaging the difficulties and exactly what it takes to be an athlete in Venezuela,” said François Montalant.

“In a country struggling with its worst economic and humanitarian crisis in recent history there are a few brave youngsters willing to give it all: blood, sweat and tears to realize their dreams of becoming a professional rock climbers.”

Castillo, who is part of the Tepui Project, reached out to Gripped this morning with the news of the history-making send.


“Lianet, better known as Lia, made the female first ascent and became the first Latin American to climb the grade at such a young age, proving that discipline, motivation a great heart and spirit will always overcome the most harsh of situations.”

The route is in a tight canyon at the popular crag called Torrellero, in the state of Lara, which is divided into three sections: La Cementera, La Universidad, and Los Cechos.