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Mark Smiley Says, “Don’t Bail Off Stupid Anchors!”

Mark Smiley encouraging safer rappels / watch below

American mountain guide Mark Smiley has launched a new campaign to stop new climbers from rappelling off bad anchors.

Already in 2018, a number of climbers who aren’t used to the outdoors have died or been injured.

Smiley said, “Don’t bail off stupid anchors! I am launching an initiative to keep the younger generation of climbers just a little safer.

“If you’re 30 or younger, and you need to bail, I’ll replace your second piece of gear used to make your anchor redundant. I want to remove the financial part of the decision to make stronger anchors.”

Don’t risk your life and your partner’s to an anchor that you’re not 150 per cent certain will hold.

While Smiley’s offer to teach new climbers anchor building might not apply because you can’t travel to him, there are a number of instructional-based guiding companies in Canada.

Watch this video by Smiley about his offer.