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Sweden Keeps Climbing Gyms Open During Pandemic

Swedes can still gather in climbing gyms and bars, for now

Climbing gyms ni Sweden remain open during the global pandemic of the coronavirus, which has forced the closure of hundreds of gym around the world. The coronavirus is transmitted via surfaces like climbing gyms holds.

The climbing site 8a.nu reported that: “In Sweden, all gyms are open following the official guidelines. Klätterdomen in Göteborg has tried to go further and is offering liquid chalk to everyone. They clean more frequently and tell both their customers, as well as workers, to stay at home even if they just have very mild symptoms of a cold. Currently, they estimate a 50 per cent drop of climbers, meaning there’s plenty of room in the gym. Their spring Mega Boulder comp was cancelled and instead, they will run a competition via the Vertical-Life App.”

Lars Höström Klätterdomen said: “Climbers are very happy that we are open and they strictly follow the guidelines. Nobody showers here and, in fact, as there are so few climbers here and we are offering liquid chalk and clean much more often, it is a nice atmosphere. Climbers do not hang here long hours as they used to. Instead, some quick boulders or laps, often on the auto-belay, and they are off. Climbers are keen of doing the new boulders for the competition and it is great that this can be organized in the Vertical-Life App.”

All climbing gyms in Canada are closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Sweden has over 6,000 cases of the virus, with over 300 deaths. Read why Swedes are not yet locked down here.