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The Charity Climbers Against Cancer Turns 10

Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) sets out to make 10 big donations to mark 10th anniversary

It’s been 10 years since Climbers Against Cancer (CAC), a U.K. registered charity, founder John Ellison set out his vision to bring together the extended family of the climbing world to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

John Ellison and Chris Sharma

Ellison, who died of cancer in 2015, would’ve been proud of what has been achieved in the past decade, with more than half a million dollars donated to cancer research across 14 countries, and the distinctive bright CAC T-shirt is now a popular piece of clothing. CAC is even the official charity of the International Federation of Sport Climbing.

In celebrating their 10th anniversary, the CAC are looking back but also to the future, with ambitions to double our fundraising and reach the wider climbing community and beyond, remembering one of Ellison’s favourite sayings: “In life, we are all climbers.” In 2023, CAC are setting out to make 10 donations of £10,000 [$16,500 CAD], with at least one on each continent.

To achieve this ambition, CAC are calling on the global climbing community to continue the generous support it has shown over the last decade. Individuals can support in many ways. For example, by buying some of our unique, colourful CAC merchandise at the CAC online store. A special limited edition 10 year Anniversary T-shirt is now available to order. To find out how to organize a fundraiser and for more information, visit here.