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These 26 Climbers are Heading to Tokyo Olympics

Seven more men and seven more women can still qualify for the Olympics in future events

The women’s finals at the Toulouse Olympic qualifying event have finished and we now have a list of 26 climbers who are heading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Brothers Bassa and Michael Mawem from France have both secured a spot at the games.

Canadian Alannah Yip narrowly missed the finals and her chance to secure a spot next August, but has another chance at the Pan Am Games in February. Sean McColl is the only Canadian so far who will be competing.

Adam Ondra finished in second overall at Toulouse, despite feeling ill, and will be heading to Tokyo next year. See a list of the climbers heading to Tokyo below and complete results here.

Women/Men (no specific order)

Janja Garnbret / Sean McColl
Akiyo Noguchi / Jakob Schubert
Shauna Coxsey / Rishat Khaibullin
Aleksandra Miroslaw / Kai Harada
Miho Nonaka / Michael Mawem
Petra Klingler / Alex Megos
Brooke Raboutou / Fossali Ludovico
Jessi Pilz / Adam Ondra
Julia Chanourdie / Bassa Mawem
Mia Krampl / Jan Hojer
Juliia Kaplina / YuFei Pan
Kyra Condia / Alberto Gines Lopez
Laura Rogora / Nathaniel Coleman