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Top Climbers in Yosemite Working Projects

This year has been busy in the climbing world, with big ascents and tragic injuries almost every week.

A number of top climbers are currently in Yosemite working on new and old projects.

Over the weekend, Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds locked down the new speed record for The Nose at 2:19:44.

Last week, Tommy Caldewell dropped a note on Instagram about his new focus on finding new free-climbing ground in Yosemite.

Chris Sharma has also noted on Instagram that he’s in Yosemite with Caldwell working on something.

Jacob Cook and Bronwyn Hodgins are climbing El Corazon 5.13b, which Canadian Will Stanhope sent last year.

@Bronwynhodgins following the roof traverse pitch on El Corazon. This part is pumpy!

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There’s word Canadian Sonnie Trotter has plans on heading down for a few weeks in November to work on his long-standing El Cap project.

Barbara Zangerl and Jacapo Larcher are working on a free-climb, having spend a few days cleaning cracks and dusting off holds.

There have been a number of large rockfalls over the past few weeks from the east ledges area on El Cap. On Oct. 22, there was a rockfall so big they closed the road once again.

Nina Caprez is back in Yosemite attempting El Nino once again.

As long as the weather holds, there could still be another solid month of good climbing conditions.