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Watch Bronwyn Hodgins Send Master Blaster 5.13c Trad

Along with one of Quebec's top climbers Julien Bourassa-Moreau

Watch Canadians Bronwyn Hodgins and Julien Bourassa-Moreau on Master Blaster in Zion in a video by Jacob Cook.

It was first freed by Seattle climber Ben Gilkinson, and repeated by Sonnie Trotter and Lauren Lee McCormick back to back. “It was a great experience because the exposure was stunning, but the cracks size, forced me to learn ring locks in a roof,” said Trotter. “It was likely the most painful experience I’ve had on a rope, but the line was so clean and steep I just had to suck it up.”

After fellow Canadian Jared Nelson sent the steep crack, he said on Sendage, “Very striking line. Outrageous moves. Tried it over a month ago but was unable to do it on my third attempt and ran out of light. I knew I could do it but convincing a partner and finding dry weather became the true crux. Thankfully, I got another crack at it and did it on my fifth try in total. Hard to grade something like this, but once I learned the sequence and the locks, it didn’t feel too bad. Placed all the gear on the send. Psyched to be learning new skills (ringlocks in a roof).”

Master Blaster 5.13c