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The Wide Boyz Struggle with Recovery Drink 5.14+

Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker are no stranger to hard crack climbs, but Recovery Drink 5.14+ is proving to be their nemesis.

Savagely overhanging with precarious jams throughout, the conditions need to be perfect for to climb the route.

Daniel Jung made the first repeat of Nico Favresse’s 2013 crack test piece earlier this year. The steep crack is on the Profilveggen at Jøssingfjord in the southern most part of Norway.

Back on this little beauty tomorrow. Time for some sweet dreams now (shame I’ve got to share a bed with Pete though ?) and it’s back to the grindstone. I was reminded yesterday that it’s not all about the “success” on things like this and the “journey” is just as important. So with that in mind, I’ll try and be as open and sharing as I can with the daily ups and downs whilst out here. I sucks to write about when it’s not yet getting done, but maybe that’s actually ok too?? I tell all my coaching clients this is the case but I often fall into the trap myself that nothing is ok unless I’m exceeding my own (relatively unrealistic) expectations. GOT. TO. STICK. AT. IT. ??? Thanks to the mighty @tristan_hobson for the picture (it was freezing up there!) and I know Pete’s got a couple of nice ones too… Thanks for having us Norway ?? so far!! ❤️❤️ @rab.equipment @wildcountry_official @mytendon @theprimalpantry @fiveten_official @rhinoskinsolutions #climbing #rockclimbing #klettern #escalada #sportclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_is_my_passion #c_l_i_m_b #optoutside #outdoors #outdoorphotography #norway #jøssingfjord

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Wide Boyz and Recovery Drink

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