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Classic Ibex Boulder Problems Destroyed by Bon Fire

Ju and Blue Flowers have been damaged beyond repair

Ibex is a famous bouldering area in Utah where countless people visit to climb the sandstone problems every year. This past weekend, someone lit a bon fire below the Red Monster boulder and destroyed Ju V7 and Blue Flowers V7+.

Josh Carbine wrote on the Utah climber’s forum: “Went out to Ibex this weekend and while there the second night woke up to loud crackling and as you can see some people camping in campers lit a huge bon fire under the Red Monster boulder.”

Other problems on the boulder include Bruce Lee V10, Big Gulp V8+ and Right Bouncer V2. Watch two sends of Ju below. Support your local access groups so they can continue to work to prevent further damage to access and climbs.

Damaged Red Monster boulder Photo Josh Carbine / Utah Climbers

Ju V7