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Climbing Areas Damaged by 2017 Hurricanes

The 2017 hurricane season took a toll on a number of climbing areas, including Virgin Gorda and Tremadog.

Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands has long been a popular destination for bouldering. Most climbers would stay at the Guavaberry Spring Bay Resort, which is a community focused, family run business.

In September, Hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed many of the structures where climbers would spend their trips. There haven’t been many updates, but a number of fundraisers have been assisting with donations. The damage to the structures was significant.

Tremadog in the U.K. was recently hit by Storm Ophelia, which started as Hurricane Ophelia before downgrading. The BMC noted: “Storm Ophelia made quite an impact across the west coast of the the British Isles on Oct. 17 and the BMC owned crags at Tremadog didn’t escape unscathed.

“Damage to routes, trees uprooted and even some rockfalls were her legacy.”

They also issued a warning that read “many routes and in particular those that rely on trees for belays or those with large mature trees growing on ledges or at the cliff top may be affected by loose rocks.”

In the bigger picture, damaged climbs and trails pale in comparison to the tragedies from the storms of 2017. But this is just a heads up for any future travel plans to these areas.

Tremadog rockfall post-Ophelia. Photo BMC