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New Brunswick Opens Rock Climbing with Covid Rules

Social distancing and staying safe while crag climbing during a pandemic

Editor’s note: The following is a press release from Ascent New Brunswick.

On April 24, 2020, the Province of New Brunswick introduced a four-phase recovery plan to COVID-19. In doing so, the Province has relaxed some of the restrictions in place. This is good news because we have received word from Range Control that CFB Gagetown land has been reopened to Ascent NB members. Effective immediately all Welsford climbing areas are now open including Cochrane Lane, Sunnyside, Bald Peak and Mount Douglas.

This being said, some restrictions remain. Ascent NB wants to ensure that its membership respects the Mandatory Order by complying with the following guidelines:
· Do not climb or enter any climbing areas if you’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
· Climb exclusively with members of your “two-household bubble”
· Practice physical distancing at all times by maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and others who are not in your “two-household bubble”
· Wash your hands frequently

While not in the mandatory order the government is also recommending that everyone consider wearing a mask when physical distancing is impossible.

In addition, Ascent NB members must comply with the call-in procedure found here. Please make sure you have renewed your membership prior to calling in. As mentioned in our last post anyone who has not renewed prior to May 1 will no longer have their name on the member list that goes to Range Control.

Finally a reminder about our feathered friends and the annual Peregrine Falcon closure. The following walls are closed to climbing and hiking at Cochrane Lane: Burrough’s, Amphitheater, Cheekbone Corner and Pooh Corner. This is in effect from April 1 to August 1. Please respect the birds and give them their space. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.