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New Routes at Red Rock Mountain in New Brunswick

The 2020 climbs range from 5.8 to 5.13+

Photo by: Caleb Mazurkiewicz of François Côté on Clarity 5.13c

Red Rock Mountain in New Brunswick is a secluded backcountry crag that has been getting a lot of attention this year. The south-facing 500-metre-wide area is solid granite and granodiorite and the walls range from short to nearly 50 metres.

Caleb Mazurkiewicz, François Côté, Eric Sloan, Greg Hughes, Dalton Scott are among the handful of East Coast climbers who’ve been scrubbing rock and bolting the new lines. that range from 5.8 to 5.13+.

There are now almost 40 high-quality routes with potential for up to 100. The walls are: Creek Wall, Beach, Secret Garden, Hive, Secret and Watchtower. “The Creek Wall is shaping up to be an amazing sport climbing destination,” said Mazurkiewicz on New Brunswick Climbing. “The rock quality on the center of the cliff is stellar and lends itself to some fun, unique climbing.”

You can see where the wall is located on Google Maps here.

Red Mountain Routes

Bucha Boys 5.5 Sport
Hylonda 5.5 Trad
Little Bear 5.8 PG13 Trad
Twelve Years After 5.9 Trad
The New Standard 5.9 Trad
Moving Meditation 5.10a Sport
*Fart Noises* 5.10a Sport
Yellow Spotted Salamander 5.10c Sport
Turkeys and Turtles 5.10c/d Sport
Horseshoes and Rasslin 5.11a Sport
Big Agnes in the Sky 5.11a Sport
Chalky toes 5.11a Sport
Dancing in the Moonlight 5.11a/b Sport
Shut Your Shunt 5.11b/c Sport
Couscous 5.11b/c Sport
Earle 5.6 Sport
Philosopher’s Stone 5.7 Sport
Stains Blue 5.8 Sport
Hot for Golden Teachers 5.8 Sport
Pink Buffalo 5.9 Sport
Liberty 5.10a Sport
One with the Universe 5.10b Sport
Flying Saucers 5.10b Sport
I’m an Amanita 5.10c Sport
Ellis D. 5.10d Sport
Controversial Cubensis 5.11a Sport
Penis Envy 5.11c Sport
Clarity 5.13c Sport
Hold My Drill 5.8 Sport
Long Story Short 5.9 Trad
Exposed and Composed 5.9 Trad
Beer and Mud 5.11a/b Sport
Fighting McGregor 5.11a/b Trad
Magic Carpet Ride 5.3 PG13 Trad

Lead photo: Caleb Mazurkiewicz of François Côté on Clarity 5.13c