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Oriane Bertone is Only 12 but Just Climbed V14

Oriane Bertone has just climbed Golden Shadow V14 in Rocklands, South Africa, a famous Fred Nicole problem.

The French climber becomes the ninth female to climb V14 and the second female to tick the problem, after Ashima Shiraishi in 2014.

At only 12, Bertone has climbed Fragile Steps V13 and Psychopad V13. A few weeks ago, she climbed Nutsa V11 and Dirty Epic V11.

Tomoko Ogawa was the first woman to climb V14 back in 2012 with her send of Cahtarsis. The nine women who have added V14 to their impressive resumes include: Bertone, Shiraishi, Shauna Coxsey, Alex Puccio, Isabelle Faus, Mile Heyden, Melissa Le Never and Anna Stohr.

Watch Bertone on her first V14 climb below.

Bertone’s Hard Sends
Psychopad V13 in France
Fragile Steps V13 in Rocklands
Tea With Elmarie V12 in Rocklands
Nutsa V11 in Rocklands
Dirty Epic V11 in Rocklands
Force Majeure V11 in France
Salle Gos Assis V11 in France
Burnout V11 in Rocklands
Electric Copper V11 in Rocklands

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