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Seb Bouin Repeats Flatanger 5.15 and Downgrades to 5.14d

Seb Bouin has repeated Thor’s Hammer in Flatnager, Norway. The popular line was one of the most-climbed 5.15as at the steep crag. After Bouin’s ascent, which took five days, he downgraded it to 5.14d with a new sequence.

He noted that he climbed the route in poor conditions with a wet start and damp holds. After his send, he said, “I am a little bit disappointed because Adam Ondra gave me a new beta in the second hard part and it makes it a lot easier than before. But that’s part of the game – you have to keep searching for the easiest solution. Like that I am not sure it’s 9a+ (5.15a) and that’s why I propose 9a (5.14d). I spoke with Adam Ondra and he thinks the same.” Bouin is now projecting Move 5.15b/c.

Adam Ondra – Move – First ascent.mov from MadSkillz Media on Vimeo.

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