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The Ultimate List of Sport Climbs 5.15a or Harder

There are a lot of 5.15 climbs in the world and Willis Kuelthau recently organized a list of 200 for the website 99boulder.com.

With the list, he noted a number of observations, from the frequency of 5.15 first ascents to the climbers who’ve climbed them. And Adam Ondra is the most accomplished sport climber ever in terms of grades.

He noted about the hardest route in the world, “This title was previously shared by Change, La Dura Dura and Vasil Vasil — all of which are graded 5.15c (9b+).

“With his ascent of Silence, Ondra has opened a new grade. Silence has yet to be repeated, but Ondra isn’t generally one to give soft grades.”

And when it comes to the best climber in the world, “The numbers here don’t lie — Adam Ondra is far and away the best sport climber in the world. He has twice the first ascents and more than twice the ascents of the next most prolific hardman (Chris Sharma, of course).

“He is the lone ascensionist on three of the world’s four hardest climbs and many of his ascents took shockingly little time.”

In 2017, a number of sport climbing firsts went down, including Margo Hayes becomming the first female to climb 5.15a with two sends of the grade and Adam Ondra adding the first 5.15d.

Read more about 5.15 climbs on 99boulder.com here.

Below is a list of 200 5.15 climbs categorized by country. Enjoy and get stoked!

Wheelchair, 5.15a (9a+), Grampians

Clash of the Titans, 5.15a (9a+), Götterwandl
Companion of Change, 5.15a (9a+), Zillertal
Open Air, 5.15a (9a+), Schleierwasserfall
Outro, 5.15a (9a+), Achleiten

Fight Club, 5.15b (9b), Banff
Honour and Glory, 5.15a (9a+), Echo Canyon

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Le vent nous portera, 5.15a (9a+), Socaire

Czech Republic
Perlorodka, 5.15a (9a+), Moravsky Kras
Vasil Vasil, 5.15c (9b+), Sloup

Akira, 5.15b (9b), Charente
Aubade Directe, 5.15a (9a+), Sainte Victoire
Biographie/Realization, 5.15a (9a+), Ceüse
C.R.S., 5.15b (9b), Mollans
Deep Spot, 5.15a (9a+), La Balme de Yenne
Empreintes, 5.15a (9a+), Saint-Pierre en Faucigny
Jungle Boogie, 5.15a (9a+), Ceüse
Kmira, 5.15a (9a+), Pic St Loup
La Madone, 5.15a (9a+), Lourmarin
La Moustache qui Fâche, 5.15a (9a+), Entraygues
L’Etrange Ivresse des Lenteurs, 5.15a (9a+), Ceüse
Salamandre, 5.15a (9a+), Saint-Pierre en Faucigny
Super Crackinette, 5.15a (9a+), Saint Léger du Ventoux
Eagle 4, 5.15b (9b), Saint Léger du Ventoux
Moins est jamais plus, 5.15a (9a+), Saint Léger du Ventoux
Sweet Neuf, 5.15a (9a+), Pierrot Beach

Becoming, 5.15a (9a+), Frankenjura
Corona, 5.15a (9a+), Frankenjura
Geocache, 5.15a (9a+), Frankenjura
Modified, 5.15a (9a+), Frankenjura
Supernova, 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Frankenjura

Goldrake, 5.15a (9a+), Cornalba
Lapsus, 5.15b (9b), Andonno
Marina Superstar, 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Domusnovas
Naturalmente, 5.15a (9a+), Camaiore
One Punch, 5.15a (9a+), Arco
One Slap, 5.15b (9b), Arco
Queen Line, 5.15b (9b), Arco
Ultimatum, 5.15a (9a+), Massone

Tinipi (see notes), 5.15a (9a+), Mont Kinabalu

120 Degrees, 5.15a (9a+), Flatanger
Change, 5.15c (9b+), Flatanger
Hell Racer, 5.15a (9a+), Hell
Iron Curtain, 5.15b (9b), Flatanger
Kangoroo’s Limb, 5.15a (9a+), Flatanger
Move, 5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+), Flatanger
Move Hard, 5.15b (9b), Flatanger
Silence, 5.15d (9c), Flatanger
Thor’s Hammer, 5.15a (9a+), Flatanger

Robin Ud, 5.15b (9b), Alternatívna stena
Massacrate, 5.15a (9a+), Golobove Pecine

Vicious Circle, 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Mišja Peč

Alasha, 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Mallorca
Ali Hulk Extension, 5.15a (9a+), Rodellar
Ali Hulk sit start, 5.15a (9a+), Rodellar
Ali Hulk, 5.15b (9b), Rodellar
Big Men, 5.15a (9a+), Fraguel
Black Block, 5.15a (9a+), Cuenca
Catxasa, 5.15a (9a+), Santa Linya
Catxasa (R2), 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Santa Linya
Chaxi, 5.15a (9a+), Oliana
Chaxi Raxi, 5.15b (9b), Oliana
Chilam Balam, 5.15b (9b), Villanueva del Rosario
Delincuente Natural, 5.15b (9b), Rodellar
Demencia Senil, 5.15a (9a+), Margalef
El Bon Combat, 5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+), La Cova de l’Ocell
Es Pontas (see notes), 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Mallorca
Fight or Flight, 5.15b (9b), Oliana
First Ley, 5.15a (9a+), Margalef
First Round First Minute, 5.15b (9b), Margalef
Following the Leader, 5.15a (9a+), Cuenca
Golpe de Estado, 5.15b (9b), Siurana
Joe Mama, 5.15a (9a+), Oliana
La Capella, 5.15b (9b), Siurana
La Dura Dura, 5.15c (9b+), Oliana
La Planta de Shiva, 5.15b (9b), Villanueva de Rosario
La Rambla, 5.15a (9a+), Siurana
Mamichula, 5.15b (9b), Oliana
Maya, 5.15a (9a+), Margalef
Neanderthal, 5.15b (9b), Santa Linya
Nit de Bruixes, 5.15a (9a+), Margalef
No Pain No Gain, 5.15a (9a+), Rodellar
Obrint el Sistema, 5.15a (9a+), Santana
Pachamama, 5.15a (9a+), Oliana
Papichulo, 5.15a (9a+), Oliana
Power Inverter, 5.15a (9a+), Oliana
Red Ram, 5.15a (9a+), Montserrat
Selección Anal, 5.15a (9a+), Santa Linya
Stoking the Fire, 5.15b (9b), Santa Linya

Des Scènes Bizarres dans la Mine d’Or, 5.15a (9a+), Jensegg
Hyper Finale, 5.15a (9a+), Rawyl
Licht und Schatten, 5.15a (9a+), Chli Schijen
Meiose (see notes), 5.15b (9b), Charmey
Torture Physique Integrale, 5.15a/5.15b (9a+/9b), Gastlosen

United Kingdom
Finest Pedigree, 5.15a (9a+), Cheedale Cornice
Overshadow, 5.15a (9a+), Malham
Rainman, 5.15b (9b), Malham Cove
Violent New Breed, 5.15a (9a+), Giggleswick

Flex Luthor, 5.15a (9a+), Fortress of Solitude
Jaws II, 5.15a (9a+), Rumney
Jumbo Love, 5.15b (9b), Clark Mountain