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Tom Randall Sends Dangerous New Route

Tom Randall sends his project in Dovedale and it becomes the hardest limestone route of its kind in the famous Peak District.

The limestone crags of Dovedale have provided many generations with cutting-edge routes. Randall spotted this futuristic line while climbing another classic at the crag called Eye of the Tiger.

The route has minimal protection that includes skyhooks and microwires that sit in dubious placements.

The HXS 8a+/b grade that Randall gave the route reflects the dangers and run-out climbing he encountered. On his blog, he wrote, “I’m sure others out there will fill in the blanks if they desperately want to assign an E-grade to it.

“All I know is that I’m putting my skyhooks away for a couple of weeks…” For more from Randall, visit his blog here.