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Watch a Technical Mount Lemmon 5.12 Send

Canadian Stu Smith is on an extended road trip this winter and recently stopped by the fun granite at Mount Lemon in Arizona.

“Mount Lemmon was a slice, beautiful looking granite,” said Smith. “We didn’t film much other then this route which just might be the prettiest and maybe even one of the best 5.12’s I’ve climbed.”

Mount Lemmon is what climbers call the Santa Catalina Mountains, although the name only applies to one peak.

There are over 1,500 routes, making the mountains one of the most popular climbing areas in the state. You can climb there year-round.

Five Classic Moderate Climbs
Slippery When Wet 5.7: trad, two pitches
Agatha Christie 5.8: trad
In Lightning 5.8: sport, two pitches
Steel Crazy 5.9: sport, four pitches
Stoner’s Boner 5.9: trad