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Classic Climbing Film Remastered and Rereleased – Free Hueco!

The '90s bouldering film helped launch the climbing career of the then 16-year-old Chris Sharma

After being out of print for years and unavailable online, Free Hueco! was recently remastered and released for its 25th anniversary by Reel Rock. The 1998 film was directed by Reel Rock founder Josh Lowell and was produced by Big Up Productions. It stars a young Chris Sharma but features many other climbers, including Obe Carrion, Emily Danti, Julie de Jesus, Boone Speed, and Brian Capps.

Free Hueco! was Lowell’s first proper climbing film, as he spent the winter in Hueco Tanks, Texas documenting the burgeoning bouldering scene. You’ll find footage of Sharma’s first ascents of Rumble in the Black Forest V10, Jungle V12, The Flame V12, and Slashflace V14—the world’s hardest problem at the time. The 64-minute film can be viewed for free on Reel Rock’s site here.