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Isabelle Faus Climbs a Colorado V14

She linked several hard problems in the Nomad Cave for a repeat of Spidey

Top American boulderer Isabelle Faus climbed Spidey V14 in the Nomad Cave of Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, this spring. It was one of many V14 sends she’s made over the past decade.

Spidey was first climbed by Griffin Whiteside and has been repeated by Drew Ruana (who suggested it’s possibly V15), Daniel Woods and Austin Purdy. The line links big moves, burly heel hooks and small crimps. Nomad Cave is a 20-metre long cave at the bottom of a bolted crag, so no problems top out. The hardest problem in the cave is Bookkeeping V16 by Ruana.

“I think this is the hardest thing I’ve done so far,” said Faus. “I love climbing in this cave, despite it being a drop off, it has some of the most amazing moves and sequences. Spidey gets harder with every move, the first half is V9, then a few moves of V11 climbing, and ending with a hard V13. It looks long but it’s definitely more of a power boulder than an endurance climb.”

Other hard problems Faus has climbed include The Grinch V14, Sinaway V14, Emasculator V14, Crème de la Crumb SDS V14, Sinwav V14, Memory is Parallax V14 and Amandla V14. Watch her on Spidey below.

Spidey V14