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John Long Narrates Cerro Torre Film

Watch the story of Jess Roskelley and Ben Erdman as they summit the Ragni route on Cerro Torre in January 2015. This story is narrated by John Long.

This face has some of the most incredible ice formations to be found anywhere in the world. Chiappa, Conti, Ferrari and Pino Negri made the first ascent in 1974.

They were part of a big “Ragni di Lecco” expedition that included Gigi Alippi, Ernesto Panzeri, Pierlorenzo Acquistapace, Sandro Liati (doctor), Giuseppe Lafranconi, Claudio Corti, Angelo Zoia and Mimmo Lanzetta (photographer).

They reached the summit after two months of attempts. On their last day, as food ran out, part of team was forced to descend so that the little remaining food would be enough to give the four-man team a reasonable chance to attempt the summit.

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