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Little Zen Monkey Has More Facebook Followers Than Sean McColl

Rachel Lee Farmer posted a video of her 19-month-old daughter climbing at the climbing gym.

After the video went viral, Rachel wrote on her Facebook page:

“I had no idea until recently but her last climbing video had over a half million views and was also somehow shared by a few climbing gyms and Deuter packs. I’m glad others enjoy watching kids climb as much as I do… I had to drag her out of the gym today, even after an hour of play she didn’t want to stop climbing. I love how she takes the time to work through the crux and top it out.”

Rachel created a Facebook page for her “Little Zen Monkey” and it has over 31,000 likes, which is nearly 8,000 more than world champion and America Ninja Warrior, Sean McColl.

Some non-climbers have expressed concerns over little Zen Monkey climbing without ropes, to which Rachel posted this photo with an explanation of what bouldering is.
Little Zen Monkey.
Little Zen Monkey.